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Wednesday 16/08/2017
04:21 pm

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Radio Voice's of Van's Summer Festival

More than 5000 fans gathered in the huge space near Center Shaghzoyan in the heart of Bourj Hammoud for an unprecedented event organized by Radio Voice of Van in which 8 Lebanese Armenian singers participated and rocked the stage, alongside Khatchig Malkhasian and his band.

Manoug Minasian, Garo Gaboudagian, Lisa Svadjian, Carmen Ajemian, Vicken Dischekenian, Ararad Aharonian, Shake Baghdasarian & Hratch Gaydzagian sang and amazed the crowd for 2 non stop hours with different genres.

During the event, flags having Radio Voice of Vans logo were distributed to the fans.




Summer song festival

"Radio Voice of Van" invites you to its summer song festival, featuring:
Manoug Minassian
Shaké Baghdassarian
Hratch Gaydzagyan
Liza Svadjian
Ararad Aharonian
Karmen Adjemian
Garo Gaboudagian
Vicken Dizcheckenian
With the participation of Khatchig Malkhassian and his band.

The festival will be held in the parking near Shaghzoyan Center, Bourj Hammoud.